I am starting this blog as a unified environment for my personal web site (including my academic web site) and daily blog posts. I believe wordpress is a good platform for this purpose.

On th top pf this site (menue) you can find my permanent (timeless) pages including my contact info.



1. Node Classification in Social Networks

by: Smriti Bhagat, Graham Cormode, S. Muthukrishnan

2. Lexicon-based methods for sentiment analysis

by: Maite Taboada, Julian Brooke, Milan Tofiloski, Kimberly Voll, Manfred Stede

3. Sentiment in Twitter events

by: Mike Thelwall, Kevan Buckley, Georgios Paltoglou

4. Modeling public mood and emotion: Twitter sentiment and socio-economic phenomena

by: Johan Bollen, Alberto Pepe, Huina Mao

5. Learning to Classify Threaten E-mail

by: Subramanian A. Balamurugan, Ramasamy Rajaram

 6. Twitter mood predicts the stock market

by Johan Bollen, Huina Mao, Xiao-Jun Zeng

7. Predicting Positive and Negative Links in Online Social Networks

by: Jure Leskovec, Daniel Huttenlocher, Jon Kleinberg

 8. You Are Who You Talk To: Detecting Roles in Usenet Newsgroups

by: D. Fisher, M. Smith, H. T. Welser

 9. Supervised Machine Learning Applied to Link Prediction in Bipartite Social Networks

by: Nesserine Benchettara, Rushed Kanawati, Celine Rouveirol

 10. Link Propagation: A Fast Semi-supervised Learning Algorithm for Link Prediction

by: Hisashi Kashima, Tsuyoshi Kato, Yoshihiro Yamanishi, Masashi Sugiyama, Koji Tsuda

 11. Suggesting friends using the implicit social graph

by: Maayan Roth, Assaf B. David, David Deutscher, Guy Flysher, Ilan Horn, Ari Leichtberg, Naty Leiser, Yossi Matias, Ron Merom

 12. Cold start link prediction

by: Vincent Leroy, Barla B. Cambazoglu, Francesco Bonchi

 13. Normalized Information Distance

by: Paul M. B. Vitanyi, Frank J. Balbach, Rudi L. Cilibrasi, Ming Li

14. Clustering by Compression

by: R. Cilibrasi, P. M. B. Vitanyi

15. An Iterative Hybrid Filter-Wrapper Approach to Feature Selection for Document Clustering

by: Mohammad-Amin Jashki, Majid Makki, Ebrahim Bagheri, Ali Ghorbani

 16. Estimating the number of clusters in a dataset via the Gap statistic

by: Robert Tibshirani, Guenther Walther, Trevor Hastie

17. Measures for Short Segments of Text

by: Donald Metzler, Susan Dumais, Christopher Meek

 18. Gender, Genre, and Writing Style in Formal Written Texts

by: Shlomo Argamon, Moshe Koppel, Jonathan Fine, Anat R. Shimoni

 19. A Social Network Analysis Approach to Detecting Suspicious Online Financial Activities

by: Lei Tang, Geoffrey Barbier, Huan Liu, Jianping Zhang

20. Using Social Network Analysis for Spam Detection

by: Dave DeBarr, Harry Wechsler

21. Information Distance

by: Bennett, Gacs, Li, Vitanyi, Zurek

22. Information Distance and Its Applications

by: Ming Li

 23. Combining Labeled and Unlabeled Data with Co-Training

by: Avrim Blum, Tom Mitchell

24. Learning from Imbalanced Data Sets: A Comparison of Various Strategies

by: Nathalie Japkowicz

25. One-class svms for document classification

by: Larry M. Manevitz, Malik Yousef