Hacking the code of life


  1. Man’s mind, values and goals might be trap. (Monkey fist)
  2. No voice will be lost in the Universe. (Boomerang)
  3. A slow learner  will be re-trained and re-trained until (s)he learns. (Samsara)
  4. The Universe is upon fear. (Rumi)
  5. The Universe positively responds to gratefulness.
  6. Life is not a multi-objective process. Man cannot satisfy all.
  7. Man has to leave one state to enter a new state.
  8. A sparse model for life is more effective. (A.G.B law)
  9. Time is only measurable variable with unlimited value.
  10. Man may live once, twice, or many times, but  can keep one and only one  life experience in his mind.
  11. Boredom (Buddha version: Desire) is the root cause of all evil.
  12. Procrastination is the second root cause of all evil.
  13. Self-control may not be a virtue but necessary but absolutely necessary.
  14. Man cannot achieve without solitude.

(to be continued)


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